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Hey there! It must be the cold weather, because wedding bells are ringing everywhere, and couples are traipsing down the aisle by the dozen.

Are you planning on getting hitched? As excited as you probably are, we cannot help but wonder how many would be frowning in a few months…

You have so many photos, videos and documents — who can blame you? There are so many places to see, so many outfits, so many transactions and so many memories with loved ones to record!

Sadly, sometimes these priceless bits of ourselves disappear due to issues ranging from malfunctioning…

As we move on from the private beta stage of Cambleu, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on our journey so far and some important lessons we’ve learnt.

It was a bit scary sharing our product with people. We have been heavily invested financially, mentally and emotionally in building Cambleu…


Cambleu helps individuals and brands to save their important memories and share them. Cambleu also helps users do more with their photos, videos, events and doc

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