Backup Your Memories With Cambleu

You have so many photos, videos and documents — who can blame you? There are so many places to see, so many outfits, so many transactions and so many memories with loved ones to record!

Sadly, sometimes these priceless bits of ourselves disappear due to issues ranging from malfunctioning phones to theft. When these situations occur, it is like a small bereavement.

Whether your phone fell into water, or your two year old accidentally pushed the “factory reset” button, you always need a backup plan.

If you have ever been in any of the described situations, you will instantly fall in love with the magic of CAMBLEU.

What is Cambleu?

Imagine a user-friendly website with unlimited space for storing your photos, videos and even documents. Now imagine that space is far more than just another empty gallery application.

Instead, it allows you to interact with others, share your space with loved ones, and records all the beautiful compliments and encouragements.

CAMBLEU is a unique website with just one focus; to serve as the perfect archive for your memories. The website, which can be easily accessed at, was developed in response to the ever growing world of social media and photography, and documenting.

Stand out Features

Backup space for years to come

On this platform, you can backup or archive your photos, videos and documents. You’re able to see them arranged in an attractive, user-friendly view. Check out a sample at

Never lose a memory. Photos and videos of events or favourite memories don’t have to be sacrificed when you need more storage space on your device.

Tag others

CAMBLEU’S high creativity allows you to tag your friends to your archives and vice versa. You can view their personal selections and leave comments (for photos and videos). this is an almost priceless feature, particularly for photographers. Even if your friends do not have an account with Cambleu, you can tag them via email and they will be notified to share that memory with you.

Enjoy privacy

Every single one of us knows how it feels to have total strangers and unwanted friends pry into your affairs. Sometimes it is downright annoying, and other times it is simply inconvenient.

With Cambleu, you have the option to only share your memories with your family and friends, leaving out unwelcome comments and remarks from strangers.

Co-own a memory

We understand that sometimes memories are shared. Your friends and family and everyone you share that memory with might also want to have the images and videos to themselves. That is why we created a feature that allows the users you tag on a memory to apply for co-ownership of the memory.

Co-owners will also have the memory on their accounts and can edit theirs to suit them.

Impressed? Here Are Some Solid Facts About Cambleu:

● Your memories will always be safe.

● Your memories will always be online for you.

● Your memories are always within reach.

● Your memories are safe from viruses, ransomwares, spywares, unwanted edits or deletions and hackers.

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Cambleu helps individuals and brands to save their important memories and share them. Cambleu also helps users do more with their photos, videos, events and doc