Weddings Are Better When The Memories Last Long

Hey there! It must be the cold weather, because wedding bells are ringing everywhere, and couples are traipsing down the aisle by the dozen.

Are you planning on getting hitched? As excited as you probably are, we cannot help but wonder how many would be frowning in a few months to come. Not because marriage is any less sweet, but because precious memories of the big day were lost!

Anything could go wrong. You might be a master strategist, but some happenings are beyond our control.

Here are a few possibilities you might overlook in the excitement of your big day:

● You might lose the device you stored your memories in. (phone, laptop, etc.)

● The files might get corrupted on these devices (viruses, malwares, etc.).

● You might even have to delete them to create extra storage space for your devices.

● You could store them in physical albums, but that may make them wash or fade eventually. They can also be susceptible to fire and water damage, or even get lost.

Let Cambleu help you

CAMBLEU is a unique website with just one focus; to serve as the perfect memory archive. The website, which can be easily accessed at, was developed in response to the ever growing world of social media and photography, and documenting.

How Can Cambleu Safeguard Your Memories?

  1. Cambleu is Basically a Huge Memory Card:

Hundred times improved, and always available. Unlike your tiny memory card though, CAMBLEU will not get lost or even run out of space! What’s not to love?

2. CAMBLEU Is Secure:

One of the biggest fears couples have, is that their photos and videos might get lost or be deleted. What if the device breaks? CAMBLEU’s online storage allows you to save your photos and other visuals for years to come. The quality of the pictures do not reduce, and you can rest peacefully knowing they’ll be there for you to show your children!

3. You Can Share Your Memories:

With Cambleu, you have the option to share your memories with your family and friends without having unwelcome comments and remarks from strangers.

You can also avoid the constant hassle of sending over 50+ photos and videos over WhatsApp so every single relative you have can see how fabulous you looked.

Simply send them a link which gives them access to your gallery. And the most amazing part of it all?

4. CAMBLEU supports interactive features that enable likes and comments!

● Your friends and family can select the photos or videos they like from your album with ease.

● They can give you the remarks they have of the album/memory created.

● Your loved ones can co-own the memory you create and share it with their friends without uploading it all over again.

● They can leave beautiful comments on your photographs.

● They can like and bookmark your pictures and videos.

● It is a two-way interactive feature from the comfort of your homes/offices. What’s not to love about CAMBLEU?

5. Privacy! Interact Only With The People You Choose:

With CAMBLEU, you can make your memories private and share them only with the people you choose. Your pictures are safe from prying eyes, and you have full control over who gets to celebrate with you.

Our website’s aims are simple: to bring the world together through photography. That is why our motto is “Your Perfect Archive”

Think about it; CAMBLEU gives you ample backup space for your treasured visuals, and a chance to interact with your loved ones far and near.

There are varying degrees of perfection, and we at CAMBLEU daresay we have achieved the highest level of excellence in ensuring that all your archiving needs are met. Never fear, is here!

Cambleu helps individuals and brands to save their important memories and share them. Cambleu also helps users do more with their photos, videos, events and doc